The future of furniture manufacturing

Tables have evolved so much over the years. This is one piece of furniture that should never be absent from your home. But they can consume a lot of space and you can never have enough of them to cater for a family gathering or wedding. It is for this reason that you should always have a couple of folding tables in storage somewhere.

The distinct design of these tables enables them to be space saving and reliable at the same time. If you have limited space in your home, you can fold them up and put them away. If you are expecting a hand full of visitors, you can pull them out again and set them up for the occasion.
This piece takes a brief look at some of the shapes of folding tables, where they can be used and possibly how.

Circular folding tables
When folded, they form a half circle with one flat side. In case of storage, let the table rest on the flat side of the half moon. Then put it against the wall behind other furniture.

Where to use the table
They are most suitable for birthday parties, especially for kids. Place the cake on one side of the table where the birthday girl or boy is going to sit.Place the chairs of friends and family around the table. This set up will promote a comfortable feeling of being surrounded by people who care and love the child of interest.

Rectangular Folding Tables
These ones can be a good extension to your normal living room table. When folded, they become a square that can be stored in multiple ways without causing obstruction in the house.

How to use the table
Place the table directly next to your normal table with the shorter sides in contact with one another. This will work perfectly if your folding table matches the height of you dining room table.

But it is also not all that bad if they don’t match. You can just use the folding table for children with their shorter chairs.

This set up is also good for pair sitting. The hosts can sit on opposite sides of the lengthy table. Then the guests can either sit side by side with their partners or opposite each other.

Folding tables are a great addition to your furniture. Even though you may not use them every day, they are good to have in your storage. They will help you out on thanks giving and change an ordinary birthday into something special.

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