Mitigating With Electrical Hazards

Electricity Safety at Home

It is better to be safe than sorry. You need to be sure you do not injure yourself with electricity. You need to be more careful if there are children in the house. Electricity can lead to big and small injuries. Each year, thousands of individuals loss their life just because of electricity. Today we have decided to provide you with some information. You can apply the provided knowledge to make your home a safer one!

Extension cord

You have to know what can cause a fire. They are the wires! You have to keep your eye open for the old ones. You can get someone to fix it. You need to know that extension cords have a lot of benefits. You have to be careful about them. Do not plug in many appliances using a single extension cord. Do not use the extension cords you use at home for outdoor activities. Do not put it a lot of cords at the same time. Make sure the extension cord is not under any furniture or something heavy. Do not use glue or gum to attach an extension cord to the wall. When mobile phone chargers do not work, people tend to swirl the wire to charge their phone. Do not do that when you are charging using the extension circle. If an extension cord becomes hot, you should throw it away. You can take the extension cord to the shop, to see if it works or not.

Switches and bulbs

While you are at home, you need to notice your switches. Be sure they are not warm or hot. Turn off the switch and get a mechanic to check. You may have a bulb that is flickering. You have to turn it off. You need to wear gloves when you are replacing the old bulb with a new one. There are many people who cut their fingers while handling old light bulbs with bare hands. They make the simple mistake. That is, they think that people wear gloves because the bulbs are hot. You might injure yourself if you do not turn off the switch of the light bulb before you replace it. Do not stand on something that will make you fall. Get a proper ladder from the market.


Food might get stuck inside the toaster. Do not poke it with a fork. First of all, turn off the switch. Wait for the toaster to cool down. Take it out with your hand. Do not keep your microwave oven plugged in. A burning smell might come from any of your appliances. Turn it off immediately.

Watch this descriptive video to learn more about the severity of hazards we are talking about! Remember, electricity can kill if handled inappropriately

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