Your Guide to Buying a Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers are famous for their sleek look and unforgettable first impression. They can transform a regular room into an alluring one. Chandeliers were initially only two pieces of wood connected together to create a shape of cross. They usually held candles. Glass and crystals were used for strengthen the reflection of the light generated by candles as well as brightening the room.

Having said that, the glass wasn’t very efficient and the rock crystals had been tricky to trim as they were so fragile. In 1676, George Ravenscroft created a fresh, man-made crystal which included lead oxide. The lead oxide softened the crystals and made them easier to form and shape. They were still basic rocks, although, and it wasn’t before the 1800s that the Austrian started mastering stone cutting and the procedure for crystal production. After that, crystals have become popular and also have been utilized to make stylish chandeliers along with jewellery.

What to know before buying crystal chandeliers

There is no decoration that will make your room more stylish than crystal chandeliers but you need to be careful because there are plenty of kitschy versions that will destroy the elegant look.

There are different types of crystal to choose from, such as:

-Swarovki Strass

When it comes to selecting the right type of crystal, you should analyze your entire room and decide what’s exactly the look you’re going after.

Swarovski crystal is the finest crystal in the world, yet it’s more pricey than the rest so you need to know your budget before making the crucial decision and choose the right type of crystal.

If you’re buying offline, it’s good to ask for help in your local store. Getting some advice from professional as well as being able to compare different types of lightnings is priceless and helps avoid disappointments.

Below you can see a few pictures of different types of crystal chandeliers to see which ones fits your needs the most:

crystal chandelier

crystal chandeliers

And if you’re curious about how things are made, here is how crystal chandeliers are made

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